Torn Love

Time together is heaven, time apart is hell,

To think of you with someone else kills me,

1000 daggers in my heart each day we're apart.

Holding you close to me, feeling your heat against me,

Your voice sooths my uneasy mind,

Arms holding me tightly against your body.

Heart being ripped out, blood falling, staining my clothes,

Bursting into flames and then becoming black smoke,

Lifeless body slumped against the wall or a tree.

Feelings for you that I've never felt before,

Paranoid that I'll lose you, die without you,

Plunge a huge meat cleaver into my wrists.

Each time I think I can't love you any more than I do,

You do something that makes me love you that bit more,

If I ever lost you, I'd miss the way you make me feel.

Pain from being apart rip’s through me badly, uncontrollably,

Tears falling with meaning, hands quaking badly,

Body cold, alone, distant from any reality when alone.

Standing strong when you're here with me, in my arms,

Not able to make it alone, a deserted heart, found love,

Daggers burning away at the heart in my chest.

Pain from not being with the one I desire, need, want,

Love that I give doesn't have the same effect when we're apart,

Healing properties when we touch, eyes like sapphires under moonlight.

Soul burning on a hot spit above a roaring fire - alone,

Soul lying in harmony under the clouds - together,

I guess it's like heaven when I'm with you, paradise.

Consuming me from the inside out, depression eats away,

So happy together, sky an endless ocean of blue,

The suffering and pain gone, but only when we're together.

Each day I'm not with you, is like an eternity in hell,

Torrents of hurt run through my veins, along with pain,

Wishing we could be together so the pain is gone.

Only together for short amounts of time,

But even that time together, is pure pleasure and happiness,

I'm not truly happy unless I'm with you, not happy without you.

My heart yearns and bleeds for you, your touch,

Unhappy thoughts surge through my brain,

Destroys the reality I live in, I need to be with you.

1000 daggers pierce my heart, it stops beating,

You remove the daggers within my heart,

You bring me life, happiness, security, but most of all,

Love. And I love you back just as much.

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