You were the only one I came to trust,

My happiness when my soul was burned,

I wanted to end it all, you gave me happiness,

I wanted to slice open my wrists,

You made me see another light.

My tears were falling hard and fast,

You made me smile and dry my eyes,

I envy you in ways.

I once loved you, and told you,

I will always love you as a friend,

That can never be taken away.

Andy, you are one of the very few I trust,

And I mean it with all my heart,

I'd give my life to be a ghost to you,

I'll be your Guardian Angel,

How could I not, after all, you're my Puppy.

My pick me up with pictures when I need it,

The only one I have gotten to like as my other half,

My other half meaning, my happiness and cheerfulness.

I've watched you grow up, the last six years,

Seen how good you are to me,

All those pictures are happy memories,

The pubs, the dinners out, the gig shots,

I only wish I could join you on those nights out! :D

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to ma good friend Andy.

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