I know it hurts deep down inside,

It hurts me too,

I didn't want to do it,

Believe me,

It ripped my heart out to do it,

Knowing i'd upset you,

That wasn't the plan,

Turning my heart to ice again,

I'm so sorry it had to happen.

The wind howls,

I hear your name, Raistman,

My tears flow forever and ever,

Pale blue, like ice,

Shattering my heart,

A zillion fragments, scattered,

I'm sorry,

I only wish it didn't have to be,

To be so painfull inside.

If only I could take it all back,

Erase what I did,

My heart is torn to shreds over this,

Life almost fallen appart,

Eyes always full of tears,

If only we were still together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Raistman, I know you have alot of poems for you, but I love you and i'll never stop!

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