Jupiter and Io

Torn Love

I feel like I revolve around you,

You pull my heart like Jupiter pulls Io,

Twisting and turning,

Pushing and pulling,

You play with me like a snowflake in a blizzard,

Staring into your eyes as dark as night,

Minature black holes starring into the abyss,

A field of stars pass me by,

Shining bright and glowing,

I fall between them,

A supernova explodes inside me,

Looking into your eyes I fall again,

Comfort and peace wash over me,

Sparks run wild over my skin,

Your touch ignites dormant stars,

Fire burns and transfers deep inside,

Volcanic feelings start erupting,

Starting low down,

Flowing up and out,

Supernova coming back again,

Feeling of euphoria,

Deep sigh and a breath released,

Eyes closed seeing nothing but stars,

Wrapped in a blanket of bliss,

A sweet kiss from Jupiter,

A pull and push from Io,

A touch from Jupiter,

A kiss from Io,

A sigh from both,

Forbidden feelings from both,

Broken hearts,

Freactured hearts.

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Brilliant use of astronomical

Brilliant use of astronomical metaphor.


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