Youre hot and cold,

You smile and you frown,

You talk and youre silent,

All the time youre on my mind,

Shine brighter than any star,

Gravitational pull is strong,

Your heart is covered in craters,

Past lovers,

Current lovers,

Family anad friends,

Your touch is like electricity,

My skin tingles,

Soft and gentle doesnt come easy,

Mind games and running do,

Its not easy trying to give you up,

The more I try,

The more I want you,

I want to feel your craters,

Make them hurt less,

Give you what you deserve,


To be loved,

To be there for you,

I would give you a star if I could,

But I cant,

I guess my heart will have to do.

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Breathtakingly intense.

Breathtakingly intense.


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