Far Too long

I'm just standing here

cause it's been a while.

And you've been on my mind

cause I miss your smile.

See, I miss your voice

like an old sweet song.

As it occurs to me

it's been far too long...

Since the flowers bloomed

with the freshest smells...

Since the church on Sunday

used to ring it's bell...

Since school days come

and Summers gone...

Since the parties ran

til the break of dawn...

Since Sunday dinner was

always great...

Since we laughed together

about how much we ate...

Since the diary secrets

about you I wrote...

Since the promises of love

that we never spoke...

Since we swam in the pool

and sat close cause of chills...

Since I realize I miss you

and I always will...

So I'm standing here

just thinking of you,

You live in my thoughts now

and I don't know what to do.

See for you to not be here

seems cosmically wrong,

For to miss someone even

for a short time...is far too long.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Jennifer's friends...
Cameron and JJ.

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