My Selfie

Before the dawn ripens,

My beloved wakes up.

By her side I’m still roused

In the bemused dream.


The fragrance of her hairs

Itched my placid nostril.

The cool breath of the morn

Unruffled the gist of my body


The thin seam of my skin

Sore by depth of the night.

Breathed into life again.


The luscious lips of bygone day

Kissed the juicy lips of the day

The imagery of my poetry

Blush her lips in velvety glow.


Out of the window

Of my room of passion

The sunbird whistles.

The tree with ripe fruits

Plunges to the earth

Dispersing the fine words

Of my poetry scribbled.


In the terrace between

In and out of the moment,

Me and my beloved

Rest on the day to come,

In the flashes of sun

Just out of the East


I snap a selfie –  my selfie

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It was your selfie the whole

It was your selfie the whole time. You know one thing? I forgot that you were looking at a selfie of you throughout the whole poem. I love this! Continue to thrive your greatness. 

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