Through the fields of decay

a penitence for every sinful day

starvation of the mind, thoughts slowly rot

within the spider's web, I am caught

failure follows my every step

as I find more and more to regret

and at my side lies only my shadow

as each day passes I only feel more hollow

Feeling stuck, trapped within a dream

I claw and scratch. Searching for what this could mean

while losing a little more of myself

Everyday, knowing no one can help

who would listen? And why?

A world of hypocrites, who all lie

close your eyes to the insanity before you

silence becomes all you wish you knew

Each out for their own

men who act like children, never grown

a parasite within our nature

Devils for which there is no cure

redemption few seek

temptation feeds on the weak

“For when I do wake, This universe shall be mine to take”  

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sanctus's picture

The trite and obvious rhymes

The trite and obvious rhymes you insist on using ruins what might have been a passable poem. Maybe you should forget about writing poetry and focus instead on writing material for Greeting Cards.