A Broken Man

A Broken Man

By: Matthew Wayne


Holding out a broken heart, from a broken man

beaten to the ground, crawling they took everything he had


Tears stream down her porcelain face,

baring a broken wing, how quickly she fell from grace.


The stars shine down upon us all,

each and everyone of us will eventually fall

It's about how you live, not in what you believe

It's about how you feel, and not the Illusion you perceive.

For if in winter and a flower will grow,

that in your darkest hour a light can be shown.


Standing before the cliff, as the tides begin to shift

A broken man will stare into his own personal abyss

a purgatory, living testimony to his own horror story

reflections in a mirror, become witness to his own fear


There is an Angel that waits, as she does her heart breaks

slowly she slips back into his dreams

A treasure, this broken man will always remember



~~( )~ Addendum ~( )~~


“I saw an Angel today, she whispered in my ears telling me to pray

not to god, or to speak in tongues, but to take a breath and fill my lungs”


Confused within a den of thieves,

When thoughts affect the reality we perceive

we allow others into our mind, their trickery to deceive.

Distrust floats upon a sea of snakes

serpents biting, all trying to get their take.


“When a rose in winter, has never been as beautiful

In the dead of night with a full bloom, under the watchful eye of the moon

A rare chance, a once in a lifetime glance”


Caught within a web of lies, the illustrious grand prize

I've lost more to my emotions, than any other preconceived notions

When I can still hear your voice in my ears, I still see the shadows of my fears.

A rational mind succumbed, to the whispers that my nerves have been numbed

Once thought to be lead by logic, now bound to the chaos of the current topic

So much pain and suffering has crossed my path, and when I look back I see the hills of my past


“paranoid disillusions, hold contempt for mass confusion

trapped within a struggle of a deadly obsession,

confide within the devil of a morbid conversation.”




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Elfy's picture

Very good. I really enjoyed

Very good. I really enjoyed this, and it pulled me in. Couldnt stop reading it. I like the words you chose when you wrote this,and the tone. Your feelings are placed perfectly inside of it, and emotions as well. You described it beautifully. Though very sad that you had it happen to you, and that you were broken, I hope one day that you will be fixed. Hope I can find the pieces and glue them back into place once more.
Loved this piece as always wonderfull write hon. Keep writing, can't wait for new stuff! :)


MatthewWayne's picture

Thank you, love reading your

Thank you, love reading your comments. To know a piece touches someone on an emotional or spiritual level is the best response ever! :) glad you enjoyed it.

"I am my own sort of strange, a supernova of madness and brillance. Forced to share the same space and time. Sane enough to not be seen, yet not crazy enough to be heard." -- Matthew Wayne