My Redemption

Volume Two

My Redemption

By: Matthew Wayne

I have climbed from my hell

picked the lock on my prison cell

I have taken flight, Traversed the stars and space

followed my dreams, followed my heart and gave chase.

Closed my eyes and took that leap of faith

“It all seems so surreal,

a dream for once I can almost feel

I see an Angel, and touch a heaven

I am a mortal man damned to sin

with a glimpse of paradise I give in”

Years of mental stress fade,

there was once a time when I wanted an early grave

once a time when I thought my soul could not be saved

Is this my redemption?

Where the universe is offering me salvation?

I can see a future bright beyond the horizon

the past behind me with the setting of the son

the mental anguish lost and on the run

“An angel who fell to earth in a single glance

put her love unto me by the luck of chance

gave her my heart, in hopes of obtaining redemption

the taste of her lips, sent me into temptation

my wall collapsed, and my will gave in

for I have fallen in love all over again.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everyone seeks Redemption, and Salvation, but few ever find me.

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