An Angel

Volume Two

An Angel
By: Matthew Wayne

I thought I had seen my last rose bloom
forever trapped and locked within this desolate tomb.
So many thoughts cross my mind, So many are for you
treasure's locked within only a whisper of a clue
a mending heart, stitches visibly clear
but with gentle hands, you ease the fear

“I have forgotten, all the precious seconds
I have forgotten, all the gentle sensations
could you ever love a demon and all his sins?
A broken man who has all but given in?”

I thought I had seen my last Angel
I thought I had even sold my soul
but when I close my eyes I get lost in your voice
and my eyes locked within yours I'm lost within a void

I would part the sea, if it meant I could obtain even a key,
a piece of your heart, Valley's I would part
to see you smiles, I would crawl from the depths of hell
my love for you drives me to excel, yet its the loyalty, honesty,
and the love I am receiving, that leaves me speechless and dreaming.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Edit: cleaned up the spaces

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