My Love is Yours

Volume Two

My Love is Yours

By: Matthew Wayne

Where has all the years gone? Condensed into a single hazy second played out in the theater of my mind. Strange voices wash over my thoughts, Tonight all the memories shall dine at a banquet where there will be no meaning of time.

Our love was damned and forbidden

Coming from a society more fucked than I,

I'll show them all how much I am committed

My love is yours, until the day I die.

I will travel the four corners of the globe,

I will endure the wrath of all nine hells.

Now tormented at the thought of ever being alone,

closing my eyes, I just want to be held.

I thought it was too good to be true,

that it was all just a dream and nothing more.

Until I wake up next to you,

my dreams shall remain just a fabled lore

I have danced with Angels, and I have danced with Devils

Looked into heavens eyes, getting lost within paradise.

Fallen from grace, and paid a high price

left hidden meanings within my sonnets

and watched as the Angels ran with the comets.

Am I your savior? Or are you mine?

With you I lose all track of the time

and with you all my demons cower,

instilling a new sense of power

I am able to stand, even as the ground shakes below

In troubled times, my feet simply just go

I follow my heart, even when my mind does not know where to start

Standing in the rain, my head held high

Even as the world collapses around me

My love is yours, until the day I die

through the thick clouds I can still see

The chase begins as I stalk my muse

As hope begins to sparkle in her eye,

I will never play by anyone's rules, I simply refuse

For my love is yours, until the day I die.

There is a pattern to this chaotic universe, hidden within the spaces we cannot see, hidden from our own mortal flaws, perfection is not found with god, but rather within our own very minds, our consciousness, and anywhere we perceive as reality.    

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