God in Heaven - "The God Within"

Volume Two

“God in Heaven – The God Within”

Stagnate, your crawling on your knees
yet smiling doing what you please
searching for your humanity
praying you have not lost your sanity
biting at your nails, pulling at your hair
forgetting to breath, that your emotions need air

“We are flawed, yet can still find god
We are a living sin, where the universe can be found within”

Hate, anger, and violence
Gods that all demand perverse malevolence
Love, compassion and ecstasy
A Gods who's universe is free

Humanity chained and whipped
transfixed, their minds have been stripped
no longer left to question,
what would be my greatest obsession
Life, Death, and my path to Heaven

“We are Flawed, yet we can still find our gods
we are sin, but everything can be found within
Faith is an act of trust, it must be earned
for it would be just lust.
We create our own future, our own path
always with one foot before the last”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've come along way in my Spiritual path to enlightenment

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