A Dedication

Volume Two

The song, brings soothing sounds to your ear

when nothing seems to go right, and bad news is all you hear

when love becomes a weapon, catching you off guard

the tears sting your face, the simplist task becomes to hard

When all you want to do is give up

when all you can do is collapse, the pressure to much

Darkness all around, but you can still feel an Angel's touch

After all these years I can still remember your face

a faded image, not yet all erased

your voice still lingers, ringing in my ears

a chilling reminder of all my fears

I had sold my soul at such a young age

was lost and trapped in a thick haze

Sorrow is never found on a piece of paper

and hiding never makes you any safer

you pulled me from the shadows, and showed me there was more

Took ahold of my hand, and guided me through that door

whispered in my ears, everything I needed to hear

stood beside me while I faced the demon behind the mirror

I will probably never see or hear from you ever again

yet we share one last thing, tomarrow a new adventure will begin

different paths, different roads

Miles away we share some same goals

One day, before I die my soul will confess

you changed my life, all for the best

I keep out hope, that our paths will cross

maybe not soon, but a simple smile for the time we lost

"Dreams can anchor us to a time when everything seemed perfect

as if it were a digital fingerprint to the joy in your life

The same can be said for the nightmares

a haunting reminder of when you lost everything you cherrished"

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