Forgive me Father

Volume Two

"Forgive me father, for I shall sin

Dear god, don't let me give in"


There is something I must say

my Soul is the price I'll pay



Jumping deep into this war

a battle of ideology at its very core

bombs dropping on your soul

where fear becomes their goal

spewing forth more rhetoric

follow or your un-patriotic

more lies with skilled oratory

all in the name of their glory

"Dear god, what have we become

forgive them for what they have done

the masses blinded by their ignorence

all surfs, caged in bliss"

Forgive me Father for I shall sin

Dear god, don't let me give in

We are all to blame

as we played their game

we gave them the power they abuse

and now through their convictions we will all lose

a whole Nation now in poverty

until they strip us of all our Sovereignty

soon just a number within a system

labbeled a terrorist if you resist them

"Forgive me father for I shall sin

for when there is corruption, a revolution must begin

Freedom cannot be supressed,

When few will fight for the oppressed"

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