Twisted Illusions

Volume Two

Where are the three horned beasts of old

and do you believe everything you are told

we all die, wither and grow old

I await my ride through the Abyss

coming out grinning through all this

tasting death's sweet kiss

"Twisted Illusions, tricks, mind games

be prepared to go insane

running looking for an escape

it's not your money, but your innocents they will take

told to sit still, be quiet

all while you want to fight it"

Same words, same line

just spun in a different Ryme

my life made to be your crime

selling my soul for just a dime

my death will come in time

All these thoughts coursing through my brain

a hallowed exsistance, a life lived in vain

what feels like years of pain,

had a dream, to achive an eluding fame

fadded, had it traded to keep me sane

"Twisted Illusions, tricks, mind games

struggling to keep from going insane

hiding, dodging out of sight

because it's law, does not make it right

stand your ground but pick your fight"

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