Death Bed Confession

Lost Treasures

Death Bed Confession “Lost Treasure's Collection”

The Whore in your head

is your god in bed

your puppet without a clue

loving the misery you put me through

my body set for rigor mortis

I don't need any of this

begging on my knees

ignoring my pleas

My heart was your advocate

I tried so hard to quit

every poem I write

holds a key to part of my life

I spent my life chasing an impossible dream

holding onto a memory long gone

starting to feel as though I don't belong

wilting away like a rose

starting to decay and grow so old

I was blind to see, the pain and misery

I was the whore in your head

remembering I once wished I was dead

I was a cutter, because of her

I once cried, because she lied

Death is the only way out

it's what life is all about

With all that I have left

I take my final breath

thoughts of you become so real

whisper those words one last time

Tomorrow looks dark and gray

another hopeless day

where nothing seems to go right

I know this, because I survived the night

Inside I was torn

once wished I was never born

Tomorrow will be different

Tomorrow my thought will be innocent

My nightmares still there

as I continue to wander and stare

clinging to a life I so desperately want

Spiders in her hair, making a perfect pair

Crucifix in her eye, matching her dreadful lie

A twisted Angel without a clue

close your eyes, I'll save you

like a beautiful flower

and taste just as sour

ready to bloom, death will come soon

maggots feasting on her flesh

living her life, she failed the test

Now my Angel is beautiful

corrupt and damned is now her soul

I'm a Fallen Angel, a black saint

holding to an ideal, a dream I'll taint

No more light in this day, Nothing left to say

holding on for all I'm worth, to a life thats just a curse

Love is a disease, suffocating by the fact

it's a feeling I'll never have

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