Before I die

Volume Two

Before, I die

I wish to cry

not tears of saddness, oh no

but tears of fullment and joy

before, I die

I will walk this earth with no burdens of a lie

I will walk this desert, my spirit soaring high

I live in the Garden of Eden

while I drink the forbidden nectar

from under the whiskey bottle I can see a picture

a moment frozen in time

a history in single lines

Before I go, Before I die

my life can be sought through my writing

my poetry worth criticizing

a beautiful life worth realizing

so before I am burried and gone

let me pass this tangent along

"Where life is to cruel and short,

and violence takes to the fort, why wallow in self-pitty

take to the streets and march on the city

the politically corrupt voice, will have but only one choice

against the angry blood-thirsty mass

ideas, hopes, and emotional lust so vast

unless we learn we will repeat the mistakes of the past

Live your life, grasp your freedom

only then will you find your heavenly Kingdom"

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