Volume Two

Show me the path before my eyes

through this thick haze I never apologize

one day you all will realize

this is my life, my journy, my quest

I may not believe in god, or that this is a test

but when I die, my mind will finally rest

A million ideas, a million thoughts

it's not the drugs that cause my mind to rot

the twisted chaos never stops

that is until your mind numbs

Comatose is what I've become

outside the emotional drama

healing years of mental trauma

hiding years of pain and scars

getting lost staring at the stars

A million miles away

in a world my own, a thought I still have today

A god in the heavens

banished to serve eternity in prison

close your eyes and make a decision

careful not to let it become an obession

colors so vivid and bright

close your eyes and take flight

intoxicated by the rum

Comatose is what I've become

As tonight my mind will be numb

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