Twisted Romance

Volume Two

I can tell you something about this game

it's called life and it's full of pain

some have said I have a heightend sense of empathy

a nerve I killed so I could be free

I will tell you a secret

and I don't expect you to keep it

Imagin that tomarrow you will be dead

and there is no heaven it was all in your head

will you get out, sing and dance, run and play

or will you waste yet another day

I can see the songs play out in my head

my life, my exsistance for which I bled

So I tell my story, I've lived it rather poorly

and I have yet to stop

if I slow down my mind will rot

hold onto what you have, or you'll be wishing it were something you had

I can see the future,

a prophet who will give you the tour

its not a complex vision, even clearer persision

Death is in your direction

even if it's my obession

the source of many people's depression

I can tell you something about life

it's full of beauty and of strife

it's a one straight shot chance

a chaotic twisted Romance

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Very true. I know one thing,

Very true. I know one thing, if I died and found out that there was no heavon or hell, I'd be pissed! Lol cause then it was all a lie, a story to make minds worry, to deside if what they did was wrong or right.
For me, I do as I please, I tend not to worry that much, cause I depend on my own sense of wrong or right. I don't understand much about god, nor do I know him all that much,growing up in a home with out him in it. But what I do know, I try to add it into my choices a little. I don't believe everything said in the bible or what us as humans think, I believe what it says to me. But I know I'd be mad, if I died and there was none of it. If tomarrow I was to die, I'd live today, my way. Regardless of any rule. I'd do as I wished lol. I liked this!


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Awww thank you :) and yes

Awww thank you :) and yes like my motto "live for today" because there is not garuntee for tomorrow, just the promise of it.

"I am my own sort of strange, a supernova of madness and brillance. Forced to share the same space and time. Sane enough to not be seen, yet not crazy enough to be heard." -- Matthew Wayne