Slipped Through your fingers

Volume Two

I'm poor, but I still made the call

and I lost it all

fed up, tied up

leaving me for dead

Just as you left me in my head

confused and helpless

I'm sorry but I wount give you that Satisfaction

how's that for a reaction

"Tell me what it is you gained

Let me guess, Im the one to blame

I could care less

one day your heart will confess

that I was the best"

I treated you the way you wanted

even let you flaunt it

gave you the world you desired

but yet you still conspired

to break my heart

but you forgot, it was broke from the start

sorry to ruin your plan,

I know I may not be in demand

but I sure as hell don't bark on command

"watch as I rise to the top

I may not become rich

but at least Im not a bitch

you will always remember my name

the one who got away"

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Elfy's picture

That person, will one day

That person, will one day know deep inside, that they have truely missed out on a treasure of this world.
They will be very sorry that they walked away. I hope they regret it, cause they should. Im sorry that they did, and im sorry that they hurt you. Read Rare Sand on a love beach, its a happy version of this. :) its by me lol.