maddened by our own minds



No one should be scared of their own thoughts.

I wish I was calmer and comfortable with myself;

but everything I experience seems to manifest

as an influence of our vast cosmic consciousness

interacting directly with the light and darkness

of a soul striving to understand its own confliction

with tremors of terror, anxiety and discomfort—

being exposed to the reflection in such a manner.

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patriciajj's picture

How intricately and

How intricately and eloquently your words rise from the trenches of this wild, earthly adventure.


You approach the existential crisis "of our vast cosmic consciousness/ interacting directly with the light and darkness" with the skill of a poet and the wisdom of a philosopher. Many great minds have grabbled with the farcical contradictions of life. You're certainly in good company and certainly gifted with the ability to articulate what often seems beyond description.


Some deep and glorious diving.

Stephen's picture

Very deep thinking.

Very well written.

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We shouldn't be but

We shouldn't be but oftentimes we are scared and long to be at ease in our own skin and well-receiving of our inner conflicts, like that proverbial 'man in the mirror' or that recording of our voice by any form of media. A tangential thought is that the fear of technology may have its predication of this major factor - the mirror effect and the self-critic. And boy, can it be maddening. Thanks for sharing.

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