She flushed them pills down the toilet.

Not such a good idea, I told her straight.

Sleepless nights and terrible outbursts.

She shivered and screamed like the spell

of some sick witch possessed her heart.

I will lock her up, that’s how I will start.

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This jarring but brilliant

This jarring but brilliant work lingers in the heart and mind after the last unsparing line is read. Seething with reality in a way only great talent can convey, this portrait of the agony of mental illness is both awareness-raising and painful. But it's a pain we need if we are to evolve into a compassionate society. 


Well done! 

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Had a friend once that

Had a friend once that skipped their meds and it takes 6-8 days, a whole week for the meds to first kick in. And so ensued a roller coaster ride for us all that surrounded them for the next fortnight. Thanks for sharing.

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