Confusion and clarity 

Are eternally married


I surrendered myself 

To the spiritual world 

A long time ago


Life is a paradox

I have very little or no

Control of myself


The whisper and rhyme

Of innumerable angels intertwine

With reality’s conundrum


All one can ever do

Is drown the stomach

With a bottle of wine

Pray away for the tick of doom

On your grandfather clock

At the final fleeting minute

Of your spiteful existence

You are obviously unhappy

Perhaps your god slacks

Flaps about with clipped wings

In a barfed-up sallow sky

In the end it is you wo are denied

Fingering your deathbed memories

Your supremely sad demise

Stabbed in hell by silver knives

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You can ridicule me all you wanna, dude

But it doesn't seem to do you any goood

You're just a geezer with abysmal mood

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patriciajj's picture

Sounds like you're dealing

Sounds like you're dealing with a sanctimonious snob who spends way too much time judging and just needs to chill out.


The fourth stanza is particularly illuminating and eloquent. You understand the dichotomy of our physical reality and don't waste time trying to make everything fit into a narrow world view, which is a sure fire way to become frustrated, judgement and dour like the "geezer" with a god that "flaps about with clipped wings". 


A lot of razor-sharp lines here that can cut some narrow-minded views (and people) down to size. An enjoyable read.