The Cycle

Every freakon time you tell yourself the same crap

You weren't looking for love...

She came out of no where...

She is "perfect"...

Every freakon time, the same ole story

How out of despair came the perfect girl to rid you of all the sadness

And every freakon time they manage to disapoint.

Whether it be infidility, confrontation, or selfishness they are never  

good enough.

You write them poems of love and perfection. You tell them how there  

is no one like them in all the world.

Every freakon time it becomes a lie. You end up writing more poems  

about betrayol, arguments and doubt.

Than finally one day, once again, you are alone. You than find  

insignificant woman to make yourself feel better.

You screw them over with the same unemotional gestures you felt used  

against yourself.

Until you meet another one... Another young lady who has that special  

quality, another young woman unlike any other.

You tell yourself, this is it, this is the one. You can finally stop  

searching, finally love someone and have them love you just as much.

They never do, they never love you with the same affection, loyalty  

and selflessness that you love them with.

People are selfish, and you can easily keep them happy, and you always  

do. It's time to start realizing that you need the same love in return.

You can't keep giving and never getting anything in return.

I know you love them with all your heart, the way you always do and  

always will. It's time to stop the cycle.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Far too often I put myself in these Love cycles that seem to just repeat over and over again...

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