Dazed and confused at what I see.

None of this makes sense to me.

Is all that I see or seem but a dream,

a dream within a dream.

Pain and misery.

A life of uncertanity.

This burning fire inside of me.

Am I alive, or am I dead?

Trapped within me own mind.

No longer able to relize.

Truth from fantasy.

Reality from insanity.

I'm losing control again.

Holding on to this small thread of SANITY.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1st of before any of you comment, I do not need any of the bitches of god telling me there bullshit.I don't have time for you ignorant supercilious dick weeds. If you are going to comment upon this then don't throw your pitty, your cares, or your sympathy at me. If I wanted to make my self sick I would drink my self stupid like the Late Great Edgar Allen Poe.

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