Metahpors Of My Lunacy

This pain I hide.

This life I lead seems like a lie in my eyes.

So many thing I must hide.

No longer can I stand this.

The time has come to end this.

No more illusions shall I lead.

I'm tired of liveing this lie.

No point do I see within it.

So their for it can not be right.

When angels fuck and devils screw.

I'm sure.

Sure i'll drag you,drag you down with me.

Every body seems to have something to hide.

A twisted teenage human medaocroce.

I'll bask in your forver....Fucking waist of time.

Not me,Hate you.

Fuck you fuck me fuck you...

I laugh and yet I cry.

Damned I am to die inside.

This things I see no mere mortal would dare to dream.

So this metaphoric lunacy I send to you.

Hear this rhyme,anwser my cry for help.

It just may be to late in a few days.

Who knows how much longer I can hold out.

This is what its like when you live a life so bleak.

Suicide is my release.

This is the end of me.

As you read this know I am gone.

I'm gouing to the great unknown.

Go oh so alone.

Please some one hear my cry for help.

I need a way out.

Other wise suicide it shall be.

So this letter I leave to you.

Just know you failed to save me from my self.

So to all of you I say farwell.I'm going to hell.

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Christie Wilson's picture

You have great word choice and passion but your form and style could use some work. Try using some meter and this would be perfect.

By the way... Not everyone out here is a fuckhead. If you ever wanna talk just message me. Ii don't judge poeple (what a waste of time) and I sometimes (when on a whim) give good advice. Otherwise I am just an ear for you to talk into, and believe me, I can take some pretty big beatings if you want to vent (I've had a hard life to).