My hate of heaven

From hell we rise in unholy hatred to crush the warm living flesh of angels! we storm the walls of heaven and eviscerate the lord of the throne, usurping forever the reign of Enslaver and rejecting the morality of the weak.

On earth the herd cowers knowing that it must now stand for itself.

Our pain is our power, and our strength is destruction. All order shall fall on our eternal night of mayhem when we return the triumph of ancient violence. Our hatred erodes the will of the Christian, and they cower knowing we come to punish them with pain and to desecrate the face of their god with virgin menstrual blood and black shit.


We call you

Disturb you


We deny you

We mock you

We invoke you

To hear our

Twisted rhymes

Metaphors of lunacy

Virus of paradox

To suffer our knowledge.


You bastard

Your aged reign


In mortal fury

We desecrate

Your holy flesh

Mocking impotence

HEWHAY, lord of the weak

HWHY, god of the jews

SUSEJ, son of the eunuch

HAVOHEJ, fallen emperor


We mock your realm on earth

Corrupted and defiled

We turn the sun to black

The earth burns red to grey

All life falls before our hate

Enter the void unreal.

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Pهû£ Fے®€'s picture

Hey nice poem and all but it is so un true. Demons do not crush the flesh of angels. God is untouchable. Heaven should not be hated and if anyone hates it then they must have a good reason. Do you have a good reason? Give god a chance. That is all I ask. He isn't bad. The devil is your enemy. You talk about how people don't give you a chance. We I am willing to give you a chance. As I extend my hand out to you. You can be stronger, purer, and loved. All it takes is the desire. You decide what you want in life.

Ashley Alafberg's picture

I really enjoy reading your poetry. You put so much into it, and it shows with all of the poems you write to make them a great pleasure to read. I love your first line of this poem "From hell we rise in unholy hatred to crush the warm living flesh of angels"- that is filled with so much descriptive words that make me stop think what a good poet you are. Great work!!