Childish Fool of The Meek and The Weak



Plague to society they call me.

Cute is what this is.

Such arrogance and stupidity I can see in thee.

Besdies who the fuck are you to judge me.

You stuck up sucker.

Corny mother fucker.

You aren't shit to me.

I walk over trash like you every day.

Nothing I haven't seen.

But then again whats your iq.

Low I presume.

You show the signs of an infant inside.

A scared little child running to hide.

Afraid and alone is what you are.

I can see it in your eyes.

You are nothing more than a tradick genocide.

You think me weak.

Hmmm, do not be so unwise.

Are you really so eager to die.

Is this your way of a simply suicide.

Are you really so ready to die.

How unwise.

I advise you step of before I unless the demon  inside.

Do not be a fool.

You will lose this fight an your life.

Do not be blind.

Can you not see.

What I will; do to thee.

Keep it up and you shall see.

I'll rip you in side out.

I'll play with your insides.

Step down now.

And save your self.

You might still have a chance.

If I chose to watch you run.

Turn away now.

Run away and don't look back.

You surely won't be able to comprehend the beast that stocks  you tonight.

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Adrian Hamburg's picture

Very nice poem. I've felt a very similar feeling many times before but never have I been able to articulate it in such a way.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

When I saw your picture on the bio,thought to myself,this guy is trying to make a statement,but what is it?Is it notice me?stay away from me? fear me,come close and get to know me?Perhaps all of the above. On this piece I had to laugh when I finished reading it because I do not fear you,I think you wrote this for shock value and that's fine ,we all write for our own reasons,that's what makes us individuals. Hey whatever glazes it for ya. if people don't want to be gotten close to or don't want to be noticed then they set themselves a camouflage so as not to be noticed, they do not do things for shock or attention.No, I think you want to be noticed.......and you were!