Devils,anwser me!

are you near when rain should fall

Am I to believe

You will rise to clam the storm?

For so great a treasure words will never do.

Surely,if this is,promises are mine to give you.

mine to give...

Here,all to soon the day?

Wish the moon to fall and altar our tomorrow of sorrow.

I should know

Hell has her way

-each one given memories to own.

Devils,all could be

Should you move both earth and sea

Devils I could feel

All this misery disappearing...

Even as I breath

Comes a devil to my keep

Surely,if this is

promises are mine to give you.

mine to give....

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Teenie Billingsley's picture

hey, i really like ur poems. id appreciate it if ud read mine, but i dont think ud like any of mine. oh well. id like to talk to u sometime. please keep on writing. teenie