Pain,Pain and misery.

Is all that  to come to me.

Why must this life be such a place of sorrow.

Have I wronged the gods in some unknown way.

Is this my punishment for crimesof past.

Is this what makes me,me!

Does this pain I feel so deep inside.

Make me who I am.

Is it my life.

These questions seem but riddles to me.

Why,why must things run in a runic rhyme.

Perhaps,just perhaps this is me....

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James Daniel Darr's picture

It is not just you freind but many of us poets feel this way it seems if you have the poetic gift that ones soul is often tortured a wonderful write well done
James Darr Author of Poetry's New Leash On Life
Owner of the Poet's Library

Lauren Vuchetich's picture

i think about this topic all the time and ur poem did a great job with expression

Cliff Siler's picture

Very nice piece. Flowed well. Content good. Short and to the point.