Silent Rage

Through the shadows of eternity.

               I've wondered in a silent rage.

Trying and fighting for a release.

But now I relize this is my fate.


        Cloked in hate I forever remain.

Surrounded by rage,agony,and misery.

          Consumed by my eternal hate.

Numb from my years of pain.

         Dead to my own humanity yet forever binded to my insanity.

         Lost in my sea of hate.

Damned to live but born for death.

       Forever consumed by my hate for humanity.

I fight for life,but I mostly fight to die inside.


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Ashley Alafberg's picture

I really like this poem. I like your use of descriptions for the rage you feel. It is very good! Keep writing.

Stephanie Esterline's picture

Damned to live but born for death...
I fight for life, but I mostly fight to die inside.

wow, those lines are awesome... incredibly sad but awesome...

kaili's picture

Hey this was such a kick ass poem it was so expressed and i can realte to what you say.. keep up the good work!

... in darkness we fall


peaCe... mERRy cHRISTMAs