Reflections in the Mirror

Such a melody of merryment your heart does fortell.

What a molten golden ditty has uprose.

What a world of merryment your eyes do tell.

With lips as red as the rose,Such sin you do impose.

With hair blacker than ever leaf.Skin whiter than the winter snow,You seem to ensnare he gaze of all.

Thoughts of such cruelity&brutality swim through your mind.

You are forever plagued by hatred and despair.

But when i gaze into this mirror i can see death in your eyes.

When I peer into this mirror,with my dark gaze fixed on you.

I have died inside.When i gaze into this mirror,I see the reflection of a past life forgotten.

I can see only death in your eyes,When i peer at you in this mirror!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is wat i wrote 2 describe my self,and how ppl see me,it tells of wat they can not see

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Death looks back onto me, as I stare at myself
no body ever realizes my own personal wealth
they see the outside instead of the in
even though on the inside is where the real me begins.
Hidden behind a face as white as snow
ruby red lips curled in a smile, death is what they show
but when I look at you, I see your flesh decaying from time
yet these eyes are only mine.
Chaos, death, destruction is what I do see
everytime I look at thee
the lullabys that put me to sleep
that normaly tend to cause others to weep.
I see your hatred through your eyes
peering in them I can see you make it no disguise
to hide it from others, instead you lash out
that is what my reflection is all about.

Sorry about that, but reading this I felt compelled to write this for you. Hope you like it, but if not you can always erase it, right? Don't worrt when you see it on my site (if you ever go to visit mine), I like how it turned out.