No Use

I have been used&discarded by everyone,i have ever knew.

They play with me as if i am just a toy for their amusement.

You treat me like shit,and still you ask for my help are you blind.

Relize i shall never help the likes of you and your kind.

I have strayed away from everyone and everthing.

I am an outcast with no reason too be alive.

I no longer dwell in the past.

I have left everone&everything behind in this endless time.

For in the forest of my mind it is all past tense.

So go ahead and kill your self for you are already dead in my mind.

You played me like a harp from the fires of hell.

And now the time has come for you all to relize,that you all are nothing more then a lil worm a big fucking hook!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am the beast that lurkes inside the closet in your head.I am the monster hidden under your bed.I am the creature that wings you to your death at the end of time!

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