Culture is not repression

but sublimation through expression

why do they police

art for lesbianism


naked sex or blasphemy?

politics of vandalism

throttles tradition

aggravates baser instincts

do they know their mtaphors

defy the divine that creates?

destroys the soul? the vision?

don't fuck arts with moral dicks

and leave the shit for generations

the future is not their high wind

but the artists' honesty to peep

into the potential hell and

come back with portraits we fear to see

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Whisper .'s picture

This is a really fantastic poem and it has such a good point wonderful poem

Sandeep  N S's picture

This world can only be a better place,when people around could regain thier natural intelligence,And percieve life as it is.
Rest all our efforts are waste of time,really.
Taboos,ethics and moral bull-shits....!
Let them play,we dont care.Intelligent people like you has to realize life to its core and essence.Then only can we find a tactical and organised,un-partial way out of all perversions,existing.Otherwise our attempts will remain incomplete,and it only can bring a little deviation to the present scenario.Though it may help now.In the long run,life still remains un-fulfilled.So each of us has to look into the very core of issues,That surrounds,that binds us to this world.Eveything relating the body,mind and soul.A very precise and scientific approach has to be taken.And view life with broader out-looks.

Your work has been an eye-opener.
I wish if there were more people like you.

Thank u for sharing