False Hope


Intrepid is the man

Who walks in the light

With no respect for the dark


False Hope 


The light grows brighter

Leaving the deep dark of the Cage behind

A steady stream of water

Flows beneath our feet

Washing us of plight already faced

We are close

A city's life source

Pulling us deeper

Giving us hope

As we venture forward

Our will grows stronger 

Until the noise

A heart-wrenching screech

Breaking us of our serenity

Distorting our reality

Leaving our bodies numb

An enormous black mass

Consumes us

Is this real

What have we done

Before my vision adjusts

All is silent

I can feel the wetness

As I lie motionless in the water

I hope for a familiar sound 

Anything to wake me of this nightmare

There are none

It is clear

I am alone

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Laurness's picture

WOW! This is ominous and

WOW! This is ominous and intriguing, enjoyed the darkness.