I thought that snow melted away for good

I thought that snow melted away for good, but here it comes again

Well ... the winding road to Spring is quite long, it doesn't have the fast lane

In other places Spring already has come, while where I am - not just yet

But I'll keep the faith in season's change - instead of being so upset


Within the reason of being just a little bit sane

There is no use to cry madly in vain

There is no use again to cry in vain and to pay an emotional toll

For the fact of the nature that the window's view isn't in sync with my soul


But wait a second, am I too involved into my own personal stuff?

Why readers be burdened  with my feelings and pain , when they have of their own enough?

If I could teach them something what to do when life is becoming tough ...

But I don't know how to live myself - I admit being in anger and huff


So I'll try separating my life apart from the poetry for now on

It's no use, for the public review on line, my soul inside out to turn

Exhibition in rhymes is a shame on its own, much like as being caught undressed

The poet and stripper are two different jobs, which should not together be messed

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Separating poetry from accute daily personal feelings

As much as poetry benefits from being highly emotional, it however should not be turned into personal blog for discharging stress and expressing accute daily personal feelings.

Poetry as any other form of art is requiring to be somewhat general, symbolic and transparent to specific personal experiences of the author.


PS And oh, by the way ... I really hate to comment on my own poetry ;-)