My windows face the busy street

My windows face the busy street ...

Both day and night the traffic beat

Invades my quiet solitude

And violates my restful mood.


Fire trucks, an ambulance, police

Disturb my inner conscience peace.

Their sounds tell me of distress

Disaster, death, unhappiness.


I sense like that the world entire

Is crying pain, being set on fire.

And I feel urgent to respond,

Discovering my human bond.


But there are times, which aren't my best ...

Inside of me wakes up unrest.

I feel abandoned, I feel weak,

I don't sense my heart beat tick.


And in those times I have the need

To hear sounds of the street.

This buzz connects me to the world

To which I cling as last resort.


It's nice, being either young or old,

To know that's no matter what,

No matter what will future hold

- Life keeps on moving by my road.

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life does keep moving by our

life does keep moving by our road, and there is nothing we can do about it.....except move with it...good write...