I wish that night to never be

I wish that night to never be ...
I thought you're working as a bee.
I caught you with him in the bar.
I had no clue it went that far.
This finding caught me in surprise,
Can't hide the tears in my eyes.


You were so busy being with him,
Engaged in love and act on whim.
I felt embarrassed to be there,
Pretending that I do not care.


I wish I'd never gone that far,
And show myself in that damn bar.

You were so much in your love game,
With no limit, no shame.


You threw yourself to him so clear,
I felt so bad, while standing near.
You threw yourself with no fear
To show the world how you endear.


While being with me, you were intent
To keep our love "under the tent".
With reputation free of taint
You were so private and restraint.


Now I could see you so much changed,
It makes me feel to be avenged.

Being found, caught you in surprise.
I noticed bother in your eyes.


I was the hindrance on your way
To let you deal with, in a fray.
I came unwanted, undesired,
Distracting you from being love fired.


What I could tell you on my part - I still love you with all my heart.
I can not change you - it's too late - I'm left to hate my cruel fate.
Well, if your love to me has passed - I do not want the break up last.
If you are leaving - don't wait, let's part and split without hate.
Just say goodbye, let's make it quick - let me not show that I'm weak.
I wish your new love all of luck, just let me fade into the dark.

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I'll just say I felt sorry

I'll just say I felt sorry for you...sad, sad...this is a well written poem..
I enjoyed reading, but not the sadness you stressed...