Sex could work for older guys

Sex could work for older guys

(Not being happy otherwise ;-) )

With arrival of Viagra

Older guys could play as Tiger

Money not to be discount,

- Income needs to be well sound;

(No love could money buy, sigh

When income comes from SSI )

For example - Larry King,

He could make his mistress *sing*

Not so rich, as him par large ?

- Visit then parlor massage

As Al Gore you'll find some use

Of the skilled "soft hands" masseuse

Otherwise if not sex slab

Sign yourself to sex rehab

There are girls there who could teach

Including those, well known which

They will train you how to cheat

(In Russian "teach" is verb "uchit")

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Sex Rehab. Is it like the

Sex Rehab. Is it like the Betty Ford clinic but with strippers?

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Why not ...