The remaining embers of her spirit were extinguished many seasons ago. And how can it be brought back to life she ponders? Ponders at dawn, and ponders at night. 

Her mind always in flight, 
no pause but to sigh.
The empty vessel that carries her father's name and mother's eyes, that is merely composed 
of anatomic systems, and molecular cathodes and anodes, 
walks the path laid before her in the dark, with no sonar, radar or walking stick at the least, to guide her through the rough.    
And so she ponders yet again, how should she trust to take the next step down this road? Finding the will to execute any given task is tough.
Depend on another's hand you say? Oh no. Don't think me a fool. And so will fate alone be enough to propel this delicate carcass? Destiny the only beacon of hope, atop the lighthouse of life?
Oh what belief system will suffice?
No. It can't be. It just can't.  She forbids gullibility from being her crippling vice.  
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deterministic carrots on sticks

I find substances work nicely as a incentive system, if you can handle it. Also is there anything besides a molecular anode and cathode? I knew a girl who was testing reductive potentials in ionic solvents but I think that is semantic: molecule and ions.