I Am Still Under Construction Part ll!


I am under construction that is what I be, not Christian per se, but a woman of Spirituality.

I have to say for me now a-days being what's called the Christian is not what I need to be, especially when it comes to living so puritanically.

Hypocritical type of Christian, who is so heavenly high that they're no earthly good will not lift a finger to help the down and out as they being Christians should, and they will do nothing to better their poor lost in the neighborhood's.

They go about their own business instead of God's business, His will that which is good! Unfortunately, they can not hear HIS word. It is completely absurd not loving and giving faithfully the way they ought to be, and for all that it is worth, they choose to heap upon themselves the curse of the reprobate mind undoubtedly

Some Christians are so quick to lie to you and on you too! Plus then turn around and be so quick to judge. I hope they would be filled with God's love. Some call some awful names, and point their fingers and place blame. If they were to notice the three fingers pointing back at them, they'd be shamed.

That is not what Jesus taught His disciples to teach us, and for us to do! I wonder if Jesus would say that he is proud of the way we do what we do?

I am under construction, living and being as faithful as I can be. I am striving growing in Christ learning continually. Regrettably, will make mistakes along this life's way. I continually pray that I correct them, since HE placed a new heart in me I am thankful to say.

Can you understand the what it is, and why it is, that I no longer want to be labeled a Christian after all what I see? This is why I live faithfully - spiritually - daily.

If I sound as though I am being judgmental too, well, that is not what I want to do.  Quite frankly, what is one going to do when the preachers and teachers are not feeding HIS flock what is spiritually true? Of all the examples you may look, and see that we need more spirituality and less Christianity we may need to be…

We have heard, and we got to have faith in HIS word. The instructions are so clear to me, that's why a spiritual woman under construction is what I am going to be. Relying on my faith. I'm letting the soul’s eyes and my heart take in information and process it well.

As long as I’m under construction, living my life spiritually I will ovoid earth’s hells. However when it all is said and done, I can say that I truly love everyone.

Even though I do not go along with what we all do, but thank the Lord, we all are under construction too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had come up with this poem and now way of life... Since this is my personal relationship with the Holy Trinity...

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