The Scorpio Woman's Man!

I am a Scorpio woman, nickname Lettah, and I love a man who treats his woman bettah than the average lady!

He’s got to know his way around the in, out, up, and down my heart and soul-

For him treating me like his queen, he will be treated in return like gold-

He got to have a good head on his shoulders, and that is only the start-

He needs slow hands to search out each and every one of my body parts-

Lord! Please let him be hung well so to please, this is the only man that brings me to my knees-

He knows what to do to keep me cumin back for more all the time when we have our freaky sexy fun-

He will be the only one!

He loves me unconditionally!

And l will always love him back so, and be his hot sluttish undercover hoe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was asked what it is that Scorpio women like in a man, so I gave my point of view on this subject. Since I am married to him:o)

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