We Are Phenomenal Women!!!


When you’re a plus size woman, people like to say "Yeah, she's cute in the face!!!"

As if being full figured is such an awful disgrace!!!

Darling, I’m cute in the face, and I’m thick in the waist!!! 

I look good whether I’m in my cotton, my leather, or my lace!!!

I’m beautiful, vibrant and above all, exceptionally very smart!!!

There's so much more to me than my weight, plus, I also have a big loving heart!!!

Yes, my clothes may be a bigger size, that just means you have access to a bigger better prize!!! 

That's pleasing on the eyes!!!

We all are not self-conscious about our weight!!!

So don’t think your small frame gives you more pull, I’m a fabulous curvy woman with a gorgeous figure that's full!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am a gorgeous full figured woman!!! Oh can't you??? Don't hold it against me if you don't have a full beautiful, gorgeous figure like me!!! 

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