A guy I keep on crushing


I met a guy, he was cute,
With shinny hair, like drop of dues
I saw him there in the day like blue
As sweet as candy, as naughty as flue.

He sat with me as close as he can,
He kissed my forehead softly like swam,
Which left a blessing on me with few fragrance,
like a fresh rose have when we pluck it then.

The lad who entered, first in my dream,
The prince who is just perfect as my dream,
As handsome as gentle man he seems,
And to protect me he can reach to extreme.

I just feel like to gaze him more,
Keeping him in my eyes always and almost,
The more I think the more eagerly I want him,
This is all because I am deeply crushing on him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is for the one's who are just crushing on someone deeply ... and for the girls who always wants there dream guys :)

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