The Sentinels of Hallowed Ground

The Sentinels of Hallowed Ground.



On Battlefields across our land
Flags raised high, sword in hand
Standing guard over fallen dead
Where history dwells, now tourists tread


Gazing upon the open fields
Where valor stood and didn’t yield
These statues are more than bronze and stone
They’re bought with blood, by boys from home


Now a century and a half have gone
Since the silence of the drums and guns
Etched in stones are their epitaphs
Told to those who this way pass


So remember those who heard the call
They fought the fight and gave it all
The cannons salute with a solemn round
To the Sentinels of Hallowed Ground

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Statues at Civil War Battlefields

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Beavis's picture

Congratulations Gondon, on

Congratulations Gondon, on having The Sentinels of Hallowed Ground accepted for sale by the National Parks Service! It’s a great poem and a well deserved honor!

ponsford's picture

Thanks, to say I'm proud is

Thanks, to say I'm proud is an understatement!

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Fantastic! I got goosebumps

Fantastic! I got goosebumps at "Where valor stood and didn’t yield". Fantastic. :)

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Very moving to all who have

Very moving to all who have known the loss of a brother in battle.