A fighting Man

I thought you were a friend of mine
Thought that for a very long time
But to find out I was wrong
Ya you better run

From the fires of Hell I’ll state my claim
From the mountains I shall call your name
Run where your able hide where you can
I’m telling you now I’m a fighting man

You stabbed the back of the Devil’s son
You pulled the trigger of a loaded gun
Foolish and you go hand in hand
The vengeance is mine I’m a fighting man

And I’m going to bring you down
Going to bring to the ground
For the wrath of Hell is mine
Ya you better run

Now I’ll walk down the path
Of the valley of death
I fear no foe I shall fight the best
I bow to no one I’ll make my stand

You’ll remember me
I’m a fighting man

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I was a little upset..lol

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Lol! Rock on! Sometimes, you

Lol! Rock on! Sometimes, you just have to let it out!