* The One I Want *

     Your gorgeous brown eyes i  cant


       despise  or deny longing and  

        wanting to cuddle you tight

        my babe is build just right

       his loving is so out of sight

        Sqeeze   tease & please me

           with all of your might


          you are my mright 4 life

           your physic and caress

          is  what i love the best

         Babe it is you that I long

          to stay forever true to .

  *  Written By GT Dreaming About My Mr Right   *   :*) .

   *  Dedicated To My Speacil One On Sept 1,2006    *


     * I Love You, Babe Where Ever You Are   *


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Babe I know that you are
out there  some where I love you  Please   come home to me . I need you
I want you ,All   of your  Hugs
and Kisses your  Love ,
just spending time with me . I could care less
about   the    money situation I love   you for
the real you It hurts so
very much not having you
around me right  now :*(
Boo Hoo Dream Man Where
are you when I need you
Gail Crying . I am so lonely and  miserable .
We will find each other
soon I  wont  give   up until I am in your sweet
and loving arms For Good

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