* Maple Brown Syrup *

         You are the   sweet as maple brown syrup

          tasty dark & rich and  delious simply

        forfilling and soothing to this chicks lips

        I could n ot resist  & wait  to fix   up

    selected serval items from  my breakfast wish list

As a reminder of all the good things that i love about u

    babe  you are the fluffy pancakes  all buttered  

               up   nicely cooked & crisp   and

     served  up into to my skillet of  perfection .

* December 5, 2005  3:35 AM . Written By GT ,About Love  *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem   to
compare the one I  Love to Pancakes  and  Maple
Brown Syrup. sweet isnt
love just grant     I wanted to make  him :*)Smile and    Laugh    a little bit  because   I Love You babe you  mean
the whole world   to me

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