* My Heroe *

           For you rise up as

        the stars shine so bright

           you are declared as

            a prince of the

         midnight light for you

         are a warrior  delight

           searching for a bite

           it is me you long to

               hold tight with

              all of your might

           you were born to fight

           for what is right ,A

        mysterious freind sworn to

    protect me a whim it is that I long to

  stay forever faithfull to you  until the very  end .



Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my freinds  got  me thinking   of  this
that one is why I wrote
about this piece  He  is
a Brave  Hero    to me .Makes me wonder if He star gazes just like the way I do :*) One Love Forever And All ways . To My Babe :*) .
where ever you  are .
This is a poem  with a
Vampires twist :*) HEE

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